ChristyBerrieClips – High Love Addiction (1904×1072) – 00:15:48

Christy Berrie Clips - High Love Addiction

File name: High Love Addiction

Session with Mistress Christy Berrie

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Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:15:48
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No matter what your substance of choice is, none of it can compare to how I make you feel. Getting high on whatever it is only makes you more submissive. You’re going to get high for me. And you’ll get high on me! Continuous hits of whatever you choose. I’m the d ru g you really need. I’m your number one addiction. High. In love. Obedient. Your mind turns to mush with every hit. Eventually you’ll start to stroke, making your love for me even stronger. Overloading your senses to make you my slave.

ChristyBerrieClips - High Love Addiction

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