GHKO-93 Evil Punisher Lisa

GHKO-93 jav

GHKO-93 Evil Punisher Lisa

Lisa, a female teacher, who draws blood of a shrine maiden, was fighting as a female fighter who exterminates a paranoia beast who harbors a human being by harnessing it. One day, malicious incidents occur frequently in the school where Lisa works. Lisa who found out that a delusional beast called Incubus, which feeds on the human sexuality with information of the kappa youkai of Aibo, made it known that the school is home to the living beings, so that the students’ obscene To meet the request. However, Lisa who was evacuated by the guardians of the students as overdue education aimed at suspicious students and had a physical relationship as a means of exclusion. However, the identity of Incubus was an unexpected bullied child! Lisa who was witnessed an unnecessary act with the student will receive a tremendous blame from the guardian.

Evil Punisher LisaActress Kana Morisawa

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