GHKO-97 New Female Combatant Nylon 66

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GHKO-97 New Female Combatant Nylon 66

The latest work of the female fighter series series, the emergence of new-female combatants! This work is an orthodox fighter work of a long time. Although the works to which female combatants appear are also being released to a wide range in recent years, this work has become a work mainly focusing on the description of a female combatant’s virtue. However, contents are very powerful contents. First of all, the number of female combatants participated was the highest ever member, and most of the members were able to shoot with a miraculous lieutenance of new faces. To be able to match this casting number and the timing of the staff in taking a day shoot are really only good luck. Moreover, I was surprised that the members of the new members are very competent and attractive members. I was able to shoot with such favorable conditions, each actress demonstrated appeal to the full, and it was able to make it a considerable high-level work as a female fighter work. “New-female fighter Nylon 66” Please watch! It is!

New Female Combatant Nylon66

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