GHKP-39 Young Heroine Sku-Sailor Striker

GHKP-39 jav

GHKP-39 Young Heroine Sku-Sailor Striker

Flower Princess (Hana Nakaki Saki) Jogakuin Gakuin… There are monsters living in this school… To protect the girls from the hands of demons, the Sucera striker with the sister of Brucella striker had been fighting… But in the fight against demons, the Brucella striker pierces the Succera striker and takes over the deeply. Succa striker goes to fight with demons by itself to protect the bruised striker that got scratched. But it was a demon invitation to defile the purity of the Succa striker! Can Sucera strikers keep purity and protect brucella strikers …? !

Jav Heroine Sku-Sailor Striker
Actress Yui Futami and Miu Akemi
ロリロリヒロイン スクセラストライカー ~女怪人、復讐のレズ地獄~

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