GHKP-56 Thief Brilliant Cat

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GHKP-56 Thief Brilliant Cat / Mao Hamasaki

It is the emergence of a new heroine. Kaito Brilliant Cat is a heroine that was unlikely. Genre is a similar heroine of “Pink Snake” made in the past. A cute cat’s ears cried out by the cat boom. Because I must show SEXY in cute, I acted popular actress Mamo Hamasaki. Her grammatical body and beauty were perfect for Kaito Brilliant Cat. The pubic hair of the crotch which protruded slightly from the costume expresses the elegance of this costume indeed. The main point is the reaction of Mr. Masao Hamasaki’s wild action and stunning yarare. The actress who performs acting hot jarred so far was after a long absence. And the acme tidal fluttering with a real insult scene without acting showed climax crazy acme. I thought with editing, but I received the impression that I became a giga heroine style of good old days. Mamio Hamasaki was a wonderful actress who wants to shoot again. Please watch it!

Thief Brilliant Cat
出演女優 浜崎真緒
Mao Hamasaki

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