GHKP-57 Priestess Fighter Kaguya

GHKP-57 Priestess Fighter Kaguya / Miyu Saito (23 year)

A cute and unclean smile on the marshmallow body of mugimcchi pudding. Miyu Saito, who first appeared at Giga’s heroine, fought for the first time in GWS’s first challenge never threw a weak tone on a weak action, and he fought hard and tough to the very end … (tears …) . Wearing a see-through costume in the real world shrine, the spirit body detaches from the demon world. It becomes a devil shrine maiden fighter and it is a way out. The fairy tribe puts a tricky trap behind and makes it fall as the young aphroismal bite fish body is torn. Clowns who play with fiery fighting flesh with caressous fighting heroin pinch from Mujakuchi gang group. And the spiritual struggle Kaguya struggling fiercely continues fighting while suffering from luscious stimulation, but finally exhausted his physical strength and endured the side effects of herself, the appearance of a black curtain in the anguish swirl while enduring his own side effects. Competing against the mighty men and women are also bounced off, coma hard hard succession cum shot. Continued with electric shock and storm torture, gangbangd while being bound with hemp rope. Sacrificial feast, restraint to the upper case Hard until 3P, even with no time to breath to breath In a tototon! DoCo! Don! Try blaming the heroine and attack! ! We are certainly looking forward to your satisfaction.

Priestess Fighter Kaguya巫女戦姫カグヤ

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