GHKP-66 Love Fighter Battler K

GHKP-66 jav

GHKP-66 Love Fighter Battler K

It is a new heroine created by the planning team. Whatever you do, appreciate a busty actress! I asked Ms. Shibuya, but she was convinced that she had a tremendous ability in acting and she was formed as she was. At first sight, although it is a serious design, Shibuya-san does not feel comical at all by playing it dignified, rather it will be stolen by its body and appearance. Since this work is active as a sexy actress, it seems to be strong for sexual blame, and it will pursue with a censoring responsibility for that part. Destiny in the action, too much strong she is eating handicap with an anesthesia gun, it is also botched to the end men. Mr. Shibuya who understands the damage firmly and is expressing it properly for that scene is a damaged reaction. Incontinence · white eyes · convulsions · drool · · · It is hat to many of its variations! Although there are scenes of sexual blame, the basic concept is a subjugation system. It is a bit different from my usual work, but I really want to have fun!

Love Fighter Battler K
Actress Kaho Shibuya

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