GHKP-80 Wearing Weapon’s Girl / Yuzu Shirasaki (20 year)

GHKP-80 jav

GHKP-80 Wearing Weapon’s Girl / Yuzu Shirasaki (20 year)

It is a new type heroine produced by Mr. Tezuka’s designer. Under armor of Gotui is not too sexy underwear, it is cowering when armor is wearing and humiliating after armor purge, as much as possible to be raped by power rather than insulting like a usual giga. I tried to protect and photographed it. Mr. Shirasaki of a young and pretty appearance is an image perfect for the heroine of this project, furthermore it is pretty highest it is pretending to dig into the crotch of leotard and digging in the butt! Regarding the armor destruction, we prepared partial damage and some other details from the part so as to be a grand shrug, a middle shattering and a wreck. Basically there is no human speaking character other than the heroine, so the explanation of damage and insults is supposed to be a voice called Armor’s AI system called “navi”. Of course, this is recorded with the voice of a woman, especially when you record the state of the heroine at the time of insult, I feel unusual and irritating because it is calm and I think that the customer will irritate excitement without feeling uncomfortable to the customer I will. It is a heroine of a type which has not come up easily even if it is up to the meeting up to now, I think that you can see it by all means at this opportunity!

Actress Yuzu Shirasaki
Wearing Weapon’s Girl
出演女優 白咲ゆず

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