GHKP-90 Justice Beautiful Girl Fighter Fleucherie

GHKP-90 jav

GHKP-90 Justice Beautiful Girl Fighter Fleucherie

This work is “Fisheries Fighter of Justice” fighter. New heroine, Furukoeri is active. It was Mr. Aoi Kururugi who first appeared in Giga. Aoi Kururugi was a fresh actress filled with youth and perfect for a new heroine. I was able to draw a lovely new heroine with a cute look and an idyllic atmosphere matching the fruity pink costume of Fruecheri. Aoi Kururugi Mr. Akai Kuraki is also trying to shoot the first action scene and is attracting brilliant movements. Aoi Kuraki who is a full-fielder who is fascinated with an innocent play with a refreshing smile, also took a shot at a strict cold studio with a smile. Please look at the activity of such a cute new heroine, Furukoeri that fascination with freshness that such Aoi Kuro performs.

Justice Beautiful Girl Fighter Fleucherie
Actress Aoi Kururugi
出演女優 枢木あおい

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