GHKQ-03 Pervert Heroine Fallen to the Endless Acme

GHKQ-03 jav

GHKQ-03 Pervert Heroine Fallen to the Endless Acme

Yuki Yuki belonging to the Investigation Team of the Imperial Household Investigation Bureau had been working to preserve the peace of the Imperial Palace today. Yuki arrived at the ruin of arrival order of confirming suspicious person. There were various SM equipment with the various weapons there. It was fortunate or unfortunate that the agent appeared in front of Yuki who was knocked down by a gangba but also a good fight is an agent of the Galactic Security Agency. “From now on you are a super heroine to protect this star” Yuki who became a heroine without thinking. But Nantes with agent’s thoughts! I was misunderstood that the ball GAG is an accessory and it will be transformed item! The unprecedented ball of GAG heroine. But, contrary to Yukini ‘s desire, the real crisis was approaching this star … Magnolia and Right arm Kaadisus of the Expo – Beautiful Folk Empire boasting overwhelming strength and brutality. Besides, the essential ball GAG starts to runaway and it becomes uncontrollable! Kinky girl who falls to Acme Hell without even fulfilling the body which sticks up … Now what happens! What? Our kinky girl! ! What?

Pervert Heroine Fallen to the Endless Acme
Actress Akari Niimura

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