GHKQ-04 Side Story of Spandexer – ZORA’s Birth Story

GHKQ-04 jav

GHKQ-04 Side Story of Spandexer – ZORA’s Birth Story

Long ago, far away from the universe … Star Angel of the strongest universe Princess was fighting the Gerhard group, a terrorist in the universe. In order to protect Mother Star Spandex stars, it was to protect Princess Auria, an important sister. However, those who jealous of the strength and beauty of Star Angel traps Star Angel and hands them to the enemy Gerhard group. She is insulted by Gerhards, sperm with toxins is cummed out, repeatedly crazy and agonizes Acme. And the doubtful heart made the star angel turn into a demon warrior Zola. Zola’s libido strongly attacked Gerhardt, killing those who traps himself.

Side Story of Spandexer -ZORA’s Birth Story
Reina Shirogane and Marie Konishi
スパンデクサー外伝 ゾラ誕生物語

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