GOMK-03 Monoclinous Heroine – Sailor Flair

GOMK-03 jav

GOMK-03 Monoclinous Heroine – Sailor Flair

Congenital Androgynous. Flare with male fighting power and feminine perseverance. Evil corps devils fighting such flares! Look at the pictures of the clowns fighting the flare, find out the secret idea! Focus the attack on Flare’s crotch to contain male-fighting ability! The devils’ strategy is wonderful and it succeeds in capturing the flare. Next, Devils set up a stimulus by electric shock and iron ball against flippers’ cocks! ! More slugs and hell! ! Flare is released for the first time with a shaking machine attached to the clown’s arm. In addition, the machine developed by Devils, rotary machines and piston machines ended the flare endlessly. A large amount of liquid fired steadily from the flare cock is dancing in the air! Flapped to squid and hell makes it a slave to see Devils for further pleasure, exposing the desire.

GOMK-03 Monoclinous Heroine - Sailor Flair

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