GOMK-75 ESP Assassin SAIKO

GOMK-75 jav

GOMK-75 ESP Assassin SAIKO

The third piece of the Una Moon Project. In this work, I tried to make a work by welcoming Reika Aiba who is active as a girl changing the type of heroine. Reika Aiba, who first appeared in Giga. The appearance is a character that you can not see in the usual Giga heroine when you talk with brown burned skin, fashionable hair color, bright tone, with a feeling that is true opposite to the neat and refreshing heroine image that is often imaged as a heroine . However, as I dig deeply into the inner side contrary to what it looks, there was a complete heroin ‘s soul there. It looked like he would beat the enemy with his red costume on the visual side, he looked good, and the heroine style was blurred everywhere. Cool, cute, more charming and having an atmosphere that is appreciated by everyone around you, Reika Aiba. It is a feeling that is lightly seen due to the nature of gal, but fighting spirit to shoot was unparalleled. Mr. Reika who does not keep smiling all the time was wondering where such power in secret body is secretly energetic. The unfamiliar action scene was struggling, but the eroticism of the insult scene was very attractive. It is a fresh innocence heroine statue, but the underlying heroine spirit has no shaking. The torn tears shown by the last cut of the shoot will also be a clue to know her essence. A new and bright new generation heroine work, please have a look! It is!

GOMK-75 ESP Assassin SAIKO - akiba jav porn

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