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In the heavy rain falling in December, the gills were concerned about the group. Now an excellent warrior who fought between the two, even among the Tales warriors, fought one or two fell into the hands of Vastinab. “I have only curative system magic I am no matter what role …” Yes, gills are the warriors whose job is to heal fellow wounds. I guess you can do it oneself who has little attack magic … but she did not have choices. A man named Luxor who appeared in front of his eyes instead of Okina. “I am interested in you.” Luxor approaching eerie with a dull voice. Tales Aphrodite who is broken down in the bones of both shoulders by the dimenic submarine bullet and is drunk by the fire. X-shaped restraint high tension current torture, brain cell fracture attack with barbed wire restraint. And countless bullets to be knocked down on the belly of TA. The fact of the shock told from the mouth of Luxor drops a huge dark cloud in the subsequent battle … “You … will disappear” The word of Luxor has become a reality …. Gunbare, Tales Aphrodite! Your fate is on your shoulder! ! !


出演女優 新村あかり

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