GTRL-52 The Stallion Monster Trilogy Vol.1 – Bird Force Bird Swan

GTRL-52 jav

GTRL-52 The Stallion Monster Trilogy Vol.1 – Bird Force Bird Swan

This work is one of the trilogy planning works and it will become the first work of “Mutian Phantom’s Trilogy”. The heroine playing an active part in this first work is Bird Swan. That bird swan role asked Mr. Ao Hana who was paying attention to hidden action sense from before. Mr. Akahane, I was motivated enough to participate in action lessons before filming and brushed my arm. And on the day of shooting, Mr. Ao Hana who dressed in the costume of Bird Swan, it was just a servant and fused into the role of Bird Swan. At the beginning of the shooting, it was a part of the action scene, but Bird Swan who plays Mr. Aoi Hana who responds to the high level demands of the action director one by one. Utilizing the experiences of rhythmic gymnastics, Akari Hana will surprise the staff cast with difficulty in acrobatic movements. It was the moment that Mr. Aika Hana became a super heroine actress. The momentum did not know where to stay, as the shooting progressed, the movement got better and the fusion of the character also progressed and fascinated wonderful activity. Please take a look at the activity of Bird Swan who acts rare super heroine actress, sea air flower, by all means!

Actress Hana Misora
The Stallion Monster Trilogy Vol.1 -Bird Force Bird Swan
出演女優 海空花
絶倫怪人三部作Vol.1 忍鳥人バードフォース バードスワン

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