JMSZ-64 Cuckolded Heroine – Dyna Woman

JMSZ-64 jav

JMSZ-64 Cuckolded Heroine – Dyna Woman

A legendary super heroine · Dyna Woman who once was blinded by a dynamite body of exceptionality and no one did not know. She got a good companion and disappeared from the front stage seven years. A housewife · ANA who is a husband and gently sends out an investigator Keiji. Keiji ‘s place to leave the house without knowing the dew that she is that DW has been a religious corporation full of mysterious information. Keiji falls into a sneaky trap with the arrest of a man calling for his representative Rajanata. When a strange crank reveres Aina to the heroine of justice again, a certain event … a couple torn apart by a cunning trap. But it was supposed to be such a thing for two people connected with a thick trust …. Misunderstanding creates a misunderstanding, suspicion calls suspicion. Aphrodisiac is applied to the whole body, and Dw that embraces other people in the presence of her husband and repeats Acme. Aina who waves to others’ penis without knowing what his husband is watching. “I believe in the teachings of Gudur” The DW who has finally entered the evil spirit … I wake up Dyna Woman! The world is calling you!

Cuckolded Heroine -Dyna Woman
Jav Actress Arisa Hanyu and Rei Tokunaga (sample jav movie)
ヒロイン寝とられ ~ダイナウーマン編

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