JMSZ-66 Shadow Striker – Pain Change into Pleasure

JMSZ-66 jav

JMSZ-66 Shadow Striker – Pain Change into Pleasure

Appeared in Aoi Mizutani who delights exquisite sex appeal, added a past scene that was Brucella striker to deepen a relationship with enemy mastermind while being a delusion project Z street. It is a scene that came up only because Mr. Mizutani is cute and mature. Although there are many action pinch as a whole, it became a work of large volume on the whole because there is a violation scene which each men under the head and the principal are fucked. Because all of the tactile sense is a medicine that becomes an erogenous zone, even in a pinch scene, it also aggravates pleasure, and of course insulting scenes are also agonizing. Mr. Mizutani who expresses the maximum expression in all of its expression and movement of the body brings out eroticism that can be seen forever. Incontinence scenes are recorded both before and after transformation. The scene where the shadow striker with absolutely invincible strength and coolness is miserable but incontinent is an excellent one. Please take a look at Mizutani’s famous performances which repeat cum all over again due to its sensitive body.

Shadow Striker - Pain Change into Pleasure
Actress Aoi Mizutani
シャドーストライカー ~痛みから快感へ~

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