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Listen Mistress Madam Raison
Femdom story: Madam Raison Detre – Satin Hypnosis

Satin hypnosis is a joy to listen to, bringing out your satin hypnosis girl persona which lives to serve and obey her satin mistress. From the very beginning of the Satin Hypnosis you are drawn into the magical world of the satin mistress. Her voice enrapturing you and pulling you deeper into her web. Each word caressing your mind and body, instilling the most blissful pleasure. Satin hypnosis takes you to the deepest depths because of course you want to obey and please your satin mistress. Carefully the satin mistress leads you to the place where you can experience ecstatic dreams, turning you into the most obedient satin hypnosis girl who wishes only to please her satin Mistress. No matter what your satin Mistress commands, the satin hypnosis girl is eager to please, certainly discarding the drab grey male clothes and replacing them with the exquisite satin clothes the that mistress has to offer.

The dreamy induction of the satin hypnosis takes hold so quickly that before you know it you are ready for the mistress’s training. Naturally you desire nothing more than to learn how you will become her satin hypnosis girl. It is all so simple as well, a few words into the satin hypnosis MP3 and the mistress transforms you to the satin hypnosis girl you long to be. Now you can revel in the excitement and happiness that satin can bring. Satin hypnosis ensures you will adore putting on the satin lingerie or other satin clothes the mistress wishes you to wear. Nothing, absolutely nothing is more arousing than the feel of the satin on your body. The smooth and shiny material with a gleam that excites you the pure unadulterated touch on nude skin makes your mouth water with excitement. Satin hypnosis girls long to experience the rustling of the petticoats under their satin dresses as they sway their hips. So necessary as well, satin hypnosis reveals that the tranquillity you desire can only be attained through wearing satin. It alone can calm your mind and excite your body.

All through this developing love of satin, the mistress ensures you, as a satin hypnosis girl, will be completely subservient to her, acting only to serve and please her. For the mistress, as she reminds you in the Satin Hypnosis is your owner. Did I say “Love of satin”, an understatement, satin drives you wild with excitement. Just imagine the satin gliding over your body like waves of melting chocolate on your lips. With the pleasure of satin in your mind a Satin Hypnosis girl cannot possibly want to resist her Satin Mistress and indeed will not. Returning again and again to enjoy this most wonderful of Satin hypnosis recordings. Each time the effect of the satin hypnosis being reinforced but you wish do this because being a Satin hypnosis girl and serving the Satin Mistress is so very important to you. Once the Satin Hypnosis girl you remain that way until the Satin Mistress is finished and chooses to return you to your other persona. Not that the Satin Hypnosis girl has gone for ever, she is waiting patiently for your Satin Mistress to say the special words and instantly comes back, each time remembering any training the Satin Mistress has given you.

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