RYOJ-06 Heroine Insult Vol.106 – Sailor Fire Hermes

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RYOJ-06 Heroine Insult Vol.106 – Sailor Fire Hermes / Mao Hamasaki (24 year)

Gorgeous sailor heroine, Sailor Hermes series fire warrior Sailor Fire Hermes is the first bullet. The actress thought that red would look good, and Mamoru Hamasaki appeared on the stage. Mr. Masao Hamasaki also liked the red heroine, and it seems that the red Sailor Hermes costume was favorite. Her tension also increased, the content of the work was fulfilling and it became a very major work nearly 120 minutes. I also did a pinch of transformation disturbance that I did with my sister work “Super heroine desperate !! Vol.65 Goddess of warrior Sailor Water Hermes”. And there are several gorgeous and elegant transformation scenes, each of which will be slightly different. It was a rare scene that I was able to shoot because Mr. Hamasaki was Mr. Hamasaki who worked very hard during shooting! The cruel insult scene became a succession of wonderful super erotic scenes without being able to talk any longer. Even if you wear costumes, you will be deprived of the enthusiasm of Sano Fir Hermes’ s plentiful flesh of Masao Hamasaki who does not lose the elegance of the heroine even if you take off! Ms. Masao Hamasaki’s sailor fire Hermes wanted to shoot it again. By all means, it was a work I wanted to see first.

Heroine Insult Vol.106 -Sailor Fire Hermes

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