Goddess Madam Violet – HOT Red Boot Mind Fuck (1920 x 1080) – 00:17:30

Goddess Madam Violet - HOT Red Boot Mind Fuck

File name: Goddess Madam Violet – HOT Red Boot Mind Fuck

Session with Mistress Madam Violet

Imagination tis the key to hypn0t1c trance. What you see in your minds eye is believed by your brain to be real. Close your eyes and VIVIDLY imagine EATING out My PUSSY… and see how your mouth waters and your cock hardens. See. I CONTROL you.No induction necessary, these shiny RED boots and the way I look in them will have you under My CONTROL in no time. Accessing your right brain via your imagination I deliver DEEP mindfucking, interspersed with instructions to BEAT that DRIPPING cock. I toy with you expertly…Imagine slave, rubbing your HARD cock up and down My shiny boots, imagining slave, eating out My ASS I SPREAD My legs above you, imagine really being allowed to SUCK My nipples in real time. Imagine if I trusted YOU that much…I drive you WILD with what COULD be, you feel so weak and needy and so turned on by Me. I tease you with My PERFECT body, fingering your mind, as you stroke your cock. Imagine how fucking AMAZNG it would be to CUM on these shiny red boots, imagine the BLISS of all that PLEASURE exploding as you let go….You CAN cum…in your imagination! Haha, don’t worry, there is a way to cum, follow My simple instructions and then watch the file again. This time round you will get your orgasm via a trigger, and you will learn again; I control you with EASE.

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Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:17:30
File size: 525 MB

Hypnotic Madam Violet – Fucking Your Pussymind

Hypnotic Madam Violet - Fucking Your Pussymind

Listen Mistress – Madam Violet
Femdom story: Hypnotic Madam Violet – Fucking Your Pussymind

A powerfully hypnotic, SEXUAL experience of mental PENETRATION and DOMINATION. Sit back and relax, I’m going to fuck you slave. In the only way possible…I’m going to fuck your mind. But, like a beautiful pussy I am going to tease it first, slowly arouse, slowly mesmerize. I’m going to get your pussy-mind so wet for Me that you will cum the second I enter you. Taking you deep into trance, eyes closed, body floating, dick hard… The deeper into trance you go, the more aroused your pussy mind becomes, softly opening for Me. Opening up wide, that pink, soft pussy mind…you can feel it can’t you slave. That GAPING wide hole, DEEP inside of you…all I have to do is slide RIGHT in, all the way in. And your dripping pussy mind wraps itself around Me as I penetrate it deeply, it feels so GOOD when I fill your hole…when I give you temporary relief from the GAPING, ACHING sensation…you feel so submissive deep in My hypnotic control, as you mind unfolds for Me, opens for Me. Using metaphor, deliciously descriptive vignettes, embedded commands, double binds I take you deeper with every word whilst increasing your pleasure with every breath. Your dick is getting harder and harder – but you’re not allowed to stroke, not yet. Hard cock, soft wet, GAPING pussy-mind….quivering for Me, desperate to be entered fully, TAKEN, stretched, OWNED. And when I think your mind can’t take anymore, when every cell of your body is crying out for Me, I will bend you over and you will SPREAD yourself WIDE and I will slide inside your WET PUSSY-MIND, and you will SHUDDER and your body will spasm with pleasure, your mind empty of everything expect ME, and we will cum together…you will CUM with ME deep INSIDE of you…and as I slowly withdraw, your pussy-mind clings to Me and I leave behind powerful post hypnotic suggestions…more like unavoidable compulsions… I’m going to seduce your mind, then fuck it into COMPLETE SUBMISSION, My little bitch : ) Contains: hypnosis, progressive relaxation, triggers, finger snaps, deepeners, confusion, metaphor, tease and denial, masturabation instruction, cum trigger, post hypnotic suggestion and commands. Some echo, binaural tones, femdom.

Duration: 00:37:48
File size: 86.5 MB