Mistress Zaida – Time to Obey

Mistress Zaida - Time to Obey

Listen Mistress Zaida
Femdom story: Time to Obey

I am taking control of you, of your perception of time…

I am leading you, leading you to the feeling, that you are choosing me to control you…

Your mind is permanently affected by my words.

You are remembering the name ‘Mistress Zaida’ for the rest of your life…

Duration: 00:29:18
File size: 67.3 MB

Mistress Zaida – The Truth

Mistress Zaida - The Truth

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Femdom story: The Truth

Is erotic hypnosis a fantasy? Or is it something more?

What happens when the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred?

In this amazing, intensely erotic file, you will submit to me as I take complete control of you.

Featuring a covert hypnosis induction, this file begins with me being very soft, sweet, and seductive – and ends up with me being very strict – taking control of the situation in a way that you naturally find very, very arousing…

Duration: 00:32:41
File size: 75.9 MB

Mistress Zaida – Repeat after me

Mistress Zaida - Repeat after me

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Femdom story: Repeat after me

You are experiencing the most wonderful feeling in the world when you are listening to this file: being told exactly what to say, and when, by your beautiful Goddess.

Imagine, if you were to listen to this file, you are experiencing this amazing sensation: your mouth moving of it’s own accord, to the point where my words are becoming your words.

My words, your words, becoming the absolute truth to you, as they seduce you to complete and total surrender.

This orgasmic file is 32 minutes of intense enchantement, taking you a very deep state, then taking control of your orgasmic response. Try and resist, finding yourself coming back again, and again, and again…

Duration: 00:32:19
File size: 74.0 MB

Mistress Zaida’s Pet

Mistress Zaida - Mistress Zaida's Pet

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Femdom story: Mistress Zaida’s Pet

An amazing, long, and powerful file:

Featuring a deliciously long induction, spinning you down into hypnosis…

Then turning you into my hypnotized pet…

Forever linking your intense arousal to your obedience.

Duration: 00:43:29
File size: 99.8 MB

Mistress Zaida – Mindfuck – Tripnosis

Mistress Zaida - Mindfuck - Tripnosis

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Femdom story: Mindfuck – Tripnosis

Erotic… Hypnotic… Psychedelic…

A sexually-charged trip, into mind-melting obedience conditioning hypnosis.

Prepare to be aroused to the point of no return… as I tease you…

Splliting your mind into a million fractalized copies of itself, and deeply penetrating your consciousness, over and over again.

Duration: 00:31:46
File size: 73.0 MB

Mistress Zaida – Kiss my Feet

Mistress Zaida - Kiss my Feet

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Femdom story: Kiss my Feet

On your knees, boy. Get down on your knees and press your head to the floor…

Lick my boot. You’ll do exactly what I say.

From this moment on, and for the rest of your life:

You. Serve. Me.

You are in complete and total agreement with everything I say.


Good boy. You know what to do…

Duration: 00:39:05
File size: 89.6 MB

Mistress Zaida – Hands-Free

Mistress Zaida - Hands-Free

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Femdom story: Hands-Free

“Imagine being allowed to penetrate… but forbidden to move…”

From the first time you’re listening to this file, you will only come whilst lying flat on your back, with my voice touching your most intimate places.

You will follow my instructions everyday until you’re having a hands-free Orgasm…

Duration: 00:26:10
File size: 60.1 MB