TGGP-91 Narcissistic Heroine – Pure Mask

TGGP-91 jav

TGGP-91 Narcissistic Heroine – Pure Mask

A naked heroine that protects the peace of the school · Junmai mask and mysterious nude hero · brave mask. In addition, the school teacher Shoobi Masanaga, a teacher of health and physical education. The story related to the four people begins with a picture of a single woman on a lightning rod of a high-rise tower. A hero who says he loves his face from a young age. “I want to love myself and let others know that … and another myself who does not know the true identity to anyone else but honors himself in righteousness …” I seek a compromise and go to a late night school. Life of an important person and my life … There was no hesitation in the case he was forced to choose. Hard domination rape which rarely happens in history brings curtain. The neck is tightened up, the face is mercilessly trampled, and the pure-minded mask that is overwhelmed while being hit by countless bales is drowning as it is in the sea of ​​cruelty … When raped to the courageous mask that brings in the mind, her Something sounded and crumpled … Six machines G1 Hardest rape in history History FUCK. Please have a look.

Narcissistic Heroine - Pure Mask
ナルシストヒロイン ~純情仮面~

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