TGGP-92 Pink Blade VS Death Queen – Meat Puppet of Love and Hate

TGGP-92 jav

TGGP-92 Pink Blade VS Death Queen – Meat Puppet of Love and Hate

Quarter blade of righteous warrior who has been made a wreck by the woman executive of Space Pirate Dark Matter. That surviving pink blade Kagawa peach flower was dedicated care of red blade Akai Hiroki. But, in front of such girls, female executives · desqueen will stand again! It was a peach flower showing the intention to fight, but Akai attacked her at the moment when she tried to transform, how ruined the transformation breath. Then a new enemy, Captain Dark Matter Sir Gowkammer appears. Gowkamer liked the pink blade, and ordered Death Queen to take him alive as a live caught. Death Queen was a faithful servant of Goaucamer, acting as it was said without being able to go against it. Death Queen who saw the goucan who is enjoying pink blades is taking action from extreme jealousy. A fierce battle between two girls! Love and hatred mix up, and the final ending is …

Pink Blade VS Death Queen -Meat Puppet of Love and Hate
Ayane Suzukawa and Mao Hamasaki
女剣士ピンクブレードVS女幹部デスクイーン 愛と憎しみの肉人形

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