Worship Latex Barbie – Alpha? Not Anymore

Worship Latex Barbie - video and image

File name: Worship Latex Barbie – Alpha? Not Anymore

So, you consider yourself an “Alpha” male. “Dominant”, even. All the typical traits of a beta bitch don’t fit you, so you must still have hope, right? Nah. I’m here to give it to you straight: you’re a little bitch, just like the rest. One look at my stunning body in this hot latex, and you’d do ANYTHING for Me. When you get horny, you become different – a fucking animal. In fact, I don’t even think any “Alpha” males exist at all. Whenever I hear you say that, I roll my eyes. It’s bullshit. No use in lying to yourself anymore, so let Me prove it to you, just how weak you are, bitch.

Information about video file:
Format: MPEG-4
Duration: 00:09:42
File size: 574 MB

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