ZEOD-45 Angelion – Trap of Black Evil Dress

ZEOD-45 jav

ZEOD-45 Angelion – Trap of Black Evil Dress

I thought of wanting to be a strong warrior, I could not express my gratitude obediently even if I was helped by my colleagues, I challenged alone by my own recklessly to defeat the mighty enemy, even the strength of the defeated enemy, I fell into darkness In ZEN Pictures that becoming an evil warrior, Ryo Ito performed with a rare type heroine. The act is also noteworthy, but when being tortured by the Dark Princess, there is also a wonderful level of javelle when it is rarely fought in battle. And Mr. Kaori, who played the Princess Darken who hurts Natsuki as a crisis, action is definitely wonderful, but its sadistic performance was also excellent. Finally Mr. Hikida Saya who played Fuyuka that will be killed by Natsuki who was badly fought, while thinking of immature Natsuki as a warrior. As a psychic investigator, I played Kuonji temple, the protagonist, but at that time I did not have much action so I was anxious about having an action this time, but please show me a wonderful action It was. Please have a look at the enthusiastic performance of three attractive actresses.

ZEOD-45 Angelion - Trap of Black Evil Dress

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